The Want Detox is a book which detoxifies your mind from wanting what you don’t have, particularly things you’ve been told that you should want.

The book has three sections: What You Want, which identifies collective ideals we all share; Why You Want It, which breaks down the different reasons people want things; and The Want Detox, which guides you through a 90-day progressive detox from the want culture we live in which allows you, the individual, to feel out what makes you authentically happy. 

In an effort to pursue your dreams, you may have developed a laundry list of things you should have, do, and be.

I'm going to guess you're a go-getter, so you've accomplished some of the things on your should-do list, but you may be in a place where you're realizing everything you thought you wanted may not be all its cracked up to be. You might be wondering, “is this all there is?”

If you're starting to question who you are and what you want, as well as not feeling sure if you can trust yourself to make decisions for your future, I get you . . .  

I sense you want to get off the path you're on, but you're lacking the confidence to define what comes next in your life. 

The Want Detox challenges the notion that living your best life requires having, doing, or being more, and questions whether or not collective ideals will actually make you and I happy.

This book encourages you to take the time to clean your mental slate before attaching to any one idea, lifestyle, choice, or outcome, and it serves as a relief in the midst of these ever-evolving dreams of ours that just never seems to be realized.

Chapters in The Want Detox  include stories of my own journey—a journey that started when my life circumstances dramatically changed.

From being married, living in a penthouse, and running a successful coaching business, to experiencing an unexpected divorce, closing my business, facing massive financial debts, and struggling with mental and physical health challenges, I found myself at a crossroads in life and felt uncertain of what to do next.  

I opted to pack a single backpack and sell all of my belongings to become a nomad, and gave myself permission to wander through life and the world.

This journey has taught me important lessons about what I thought I wanted, why I wanted those things, and what actually made me happy—lessons which allow me to guide you through your own detox from the mental chatter that disrupts your ability to be present and be confident in what’s right for you.