Copywriter & Content Strategist

My area of genius lies in hearing what you're really offering people, and then showing you how to talk about it so people want to buy it. 

I see the larger image of your business and create clear strategies for attracting your tribe and selling to them in a way that feels authentic.

From crafting packages that deliver on your tribe's needs, to writing opt-ins that attract your ideal peeps, to formulating sales copy that speaks soul-to-soul with your customer, I want you to be crystal clear about what you offer, talk about it confidently on & offline, and feel really good about selling your service in the world.

During our time together, we create... 


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A clear business structure

To make sure you are serving people to the best of your abilities, I will...

: : Evaluate your current offerings and identify what you could add or change to serve your tribe with your genius

: : Sift through all of the teachings & tools you have and properly place them within services, speaking topics, and content channels to serve your people and grow your business

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A Unique content sTRATEGY

To downsize on the amount of overwhelm you feel by how much content you have to pump out for various channels, I will...

: : Evaluate, edit, and reform your current opt-in so it's attracting the right people and serving them well

: : Create a content calendar that lays out when to write blogs & newsletters in a timeframe that suits your personality & lifestyle

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An intuitive sales flow

I create sales strategies that are unique to your voice and seem natural for your people. I will... 

: : Propose unique-to-you sales strategies that provide consistent growth to your business

: : Create launch timelines that you can polish and reuse each launch period

: : Co-write sales pages & emails with you that clearly identify what you’re offering and prompt your people to buy

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"As a creative entrepreneur I had so many ideas + desires! But as a full-time mama of 2 I also lacked a clear direction, unsure of where to start, what to do next, what to focus on and how to reach my people and serve them well. Amanda has not only taught me how to do all of those things, but also how to do it in a focused, ease-filled, hustle free manner (which FEELS amazing!) Amanda has helped me to create a new bomb a*s opt-in, free gifts for my people, a launch strategy (that WORKS beautifully + is tailored to my crazy mamapreneur, small windows of time, schedule), updated website copy, a content calendar (when to do what + when in my biz), and new sales pages. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough! 


"Amanda is a LIFE SAVER! When it comes to sales copy, launching programs, or targeting my ideal audience, I've always struggled to share what my business is all about. As a result, I've spent many years creating powerful programs and services that no one bought, only because I didn't know how to reach or connect with them. In one day, Amanda helped me rewrite my sales page, and strategize about an upcoming launch that felt authentic and 100% in alignment with who I am! If you are looking to expedite the business side of things so you can focus on your real genius of serving your people, you'll want Amanda on your team!" 

Meg Haines, spiritual teacher & Healer

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