A few raving fans


“I had been struggling to write a sales page for an event I was hosting and didn't know where to start. After one consult with Amanda I was able to design an awesome sales page within 24 hours! Multiple people I had never met visited the website and purchased tickets. Not only did this sales page help me to expand my audience, I also had a rocking sold out event!”

Meg, spiritual teacher


"As a creative entrepreneur I had so many ideas + desires! But as a full-time mama of 2 I also lacked a clear direction, unsure of where to start, what to do next, what to focus on and how to reach my people and serve them well. Amanda has not only taught me how to do all of those things, but also how to do it in a focused, ease-filled, hustle free manner (which FEELS amazing!) Amanda has helped me to create a new bomb a*s opt-in, free gifts for my people, a launch strategy (that WORKS beautifully + is tailored to my crazy mamapreneur, small windows of time, schedule), updated website copy, a content calendar (when to do what + when in my biz), and new sales pages. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough!” 



“One of Amanda's strongest assets in teaching others how to sell, is her ability to ask the right questions. She's helped me hone in on who my ideal clients are and how I can sell to them specifically. I am a big dreamer when it comes to my business and she's also helped me define big goals and break them into smaller and more attainable ones, that lead to the bigger picture. It's like she's able to hear what I'm dreaming about and help me create a definitive plan. 

If you don't know where to start or what direction to go in, Amanda is able to guide you in the direction that is best for you and your business. She removes a lot of the overwhelm that can come from not knowing where to start. I leave every conversation with her feeling a bit more grounded and confident in the direction that I am heading.”

Andrea, Make Up Artist


“Amanda is a natural born teacher, meaning she explains a concept or business idea in a way that is easily understood and relatable. Amanda is great at giving honest, constructive criticism in a way that cuts to the issue in a graceful way. She helped me with my pricing, and the guidance she gave was invaluable to my business. Along with these strengths, she also has an inspiration to motivate which makes her a great choice in helping your business gain clarity and GROW. I’d recommend her over and over again!”

Alex, Photographer


“When I met Amanda I was trying to balance a full time career, a family, and grow a business. I dreamed of leaving behind the 9-5 office life and pour all I had into raising my children and running a business I was passionate about - but none of that seemed realistic.  Until I met Amanda and she started asking me all the right questions.  I’ve been full time in my business for 8 months now, and under Amanda’s support and expertise I have a new game plan that focuses my energy on my most profitable items while maintaining my mission to create authentic, customizable products. This chick knows what she’s talking about.

Alison, etsy shop owner


“It’s really beautiful what we see when a super amazing coach unblocks some stuff in us! I just talked to Amanda last week, and signed a client this week. My first paid in full, full price client - no scholarship, no discount, no money story. Felt FANTASTIC!”

Kelly, Life Coach


“I got a new job that gives me the time and space to create my app - my income from my job change created an increase of $16,000 annually!”

Rose, App developer


“Hiring Amanda as my private coach and mentor was the step I needed to take in order to experience my first quantum leap in my business and increase my revenue literally ten times over. I started working with her in May, and since then, have generated consistent five figure months, clients that I love and adore, and have fully stepped into my power as a coach.”

Kelly, Business Coach


“I have been working a full time job, knowing in my heart I wanted to be a holistic health and wellness coach. Amanda has helped me just over the last week to move part time so I can focus my energy, time and resources on building my coaching business. She helped me conquer that fear!”

Lisa, Health Coach


“Amanda is genuine in her desire to help you. I love how she pauses before asking a question, asks you the right questions, and works all angels of your business. She is invested in helping your business grow, and working on your growth as an owner!”

Daelynn, Salon Owner


“If you’ve ever considered working with Amanda, it’s worth every penny. Actually, I would have paid double for what I’ve learned in just the first day.”

Erica, Graphic designer


“Amanda really helped me to get clear and craft the best way to promote my business.”

Patricia, Personal Assistant