6 blog ideas for serving your tribe

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It's easy to get writer's block when you're trying to pump out content on a regular basis. Below you'll find six types of blogs you can create for your tribe that will:

  • Serve them with valuable content
  • Prompt blogs when you're feeling stuck on what to write
  • AND open opportunities to sell products or services, or just get an opt-in

I recommend trying a little of everything, and not focusing in on just one type of blog until you know for sure what works best for your people (and even then, it's good to mix it up sometimes!). 


Type #1: the 'How To'

This blog teaches your reader how to accomplish something in their life.

Although I wouldn't give away key strategies that you're giving paid clients, you can take small bits of information from your paid-for content and create a 'How-To' blog for your readers. Some examples of this might be:

How to generate $10k (this month!)

5 steps I took to start living the #vanlife full time

The most delicious peanut butter smoothie you’ll ever make

Titles such as “3 step to…” and “how to…” tend to create higher click rates than a broader title (for example, “Improve your mood” versus “3 simple ways to improve your mood”).

A good question to ask yourself in order to get the title just right is, “What will the reader know after reading this blog?”  


Type #2: The Lesson learned

This blog tells a story about an experience you are having (or recently had) and what you learned from it.

I would use the story to support the content, rather than writing a whole story and ending with one sentence teaching a big lesson (maybe it's just a person preference, but I read blogs for me, not for the writer!). These might include:

The biggest mistake I made when I started my business

What I’ve learned from sleeping 4 hours (or less) a night

How Walmart taught me to be healthy

This kind of blog’s title should make the reader curious, causing them to open the blog because they’d like to know the whole story.


Type #3: The step-by-step

This blog walks your reader through the process of completing a project, setting up a system, using an app, or initiating a new routine in their life.

If you're wondering what kind of step-by-step you could write, consider what your reader is trying to learn in their daily life, or what they could learn that would make a world of difference. This might include:

How to set up a quiz for your opt-in

4 steps to making my favorite green smoothie

A step-by-step guide for building a squarespace website

It’s a good idea to include images of each step of the process in this type of blog.


Type #4: The answered question

I recommend answering questions that you’re frequently asked right on your blog. This way, as people continue to ask you the same question, you can quickly send them a link to the blog instead of writing up a full response each time. Examples of this include:

My favorite face care products for oily skin

3 tools I use to actually get to the gym every day

What my daily calendar looks like

Whenever a friend texts you a question or you receive an email from a follower asking about a specific situation they’re in, ask if you can answer this question on via blog, and utilize those questions to spark your writing ideas.


Type #5: the expert interview

This blog gives your readers access to someone besides you!

This can be an email interview between you and someone you think might serve your people, or a phone interview that you drop as an mp3 onto your blog. Always make sure to give the other person credit by linking their information.

This might look like:

Creating the perfect morning routine with Sammy Brown

How Rebecca Forth paid off $100k in debt (in 4 years)

How to start living the #vanlife with Fred Grey

Create a title for the interview just like you would if the person was speaking on stage to your crowd.


Type #6. Recommendations

This blog allows you to make recommendations on products, services, or any of your favorite things to your readers. This can be as simple as music to investments.

Some examples might include:

Songs that always lift my mood

The best personal development investment I've ever made

3 inspiring people to follow on social


The above six blog ideas are what I personally learn on when I'm feeling low on ideas. You can throw out all of my ideas and change the game completely by starting up a novel style blog… get it, girl!


If you have ideas for what to write, but you're not sure how to format your post so it's easy to read, head on over to the blog titled 5 tips for writing a strong blog post


I would love to hear from you… what types of blogs do you write that your followers tend to eat right up? Comment below :)