5 tips for writing a strong blog post

Amanda Loveland - 5 tips blog post.png

Below you'll find five tips for writing a strong blog post, which will:

  • Serve your readers with high value content

  • Simplify your blog writing process

  • AND increase the amount of time someone spends on your website or blog


Every writer is different, so rather than looking for the perfect guidelines to follow, start with recommendations (like the five tips below), and then make adjustments according to feedback from followers and friends.


Let's get starting, eh?


Tip #1: Make the blog scrollable

There are a gazillion blogs, social posts, and books to read that might give the reader what they're looking for.

By making your paragraphs short (1-3 sentences max), you offer an easy to read blog style where the reader can pick out key words and stop once you catch their attention. 


Tip #2: Bold important points

Assume that someone is only going to read what you put in bold.

This is a great way to catch the attention of the reader and get them to stop and spend more time on your blog page. And, even if they only read what you've put in bold, you've done them a great service and taught something they came to learn!

Look through your blog and ask yourself which points are the most important for the reader to see, and bold those. 


Tip #3: Keep it short

Blogs around 500 words are best.

I like to do 2-3 rewrites, always asking myself, “what HAS to be said in order to make the main point?” I pick the strongest sentences and paragraphs, and remove everything that is unnecessary to get my point across.

We all have stuff to do, ya know?


Tip #4: Use a story (when necessary)

People like to get to know you, so it’s ok to share stories about your life to support your blog’s purpose.

However, don't get so deep into your story that you lose track of the point. I like to open a blog with the main point, share a story of how that point is relevant to my life, and then get on with the teaching points. 


Tip #5. Link to another blog

Mention another blog the reader might enjoy somewhere in your article.

This keeps them on your website for a longer period of time, therefore improving your relationship with the reader (and increasing chances they'll buy from you, instead of someone else, in the future). 

If you sell a service or product, you could also mention those if it's appropriate for the blog you're writing. 


If you're looking for a blog that incorporates these tips for a preview, well... you're reading one! Take a scroll back through and see how I'm using four out of the five tips to put strong content in an easy to read format.


If you're feeling uncertain what to write about, I wrote a blog called 6 Blog Ideas to Serve Your Tribe that might be helpful to you. 


I would love to hear from you… are there any blog writing tips you have found the most useful? Comment below and help a sister out :)