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Hello love.

My name is Amanda, and I am a trained life & parent coach, a certified yoga instructor, and the founder of Wealth University (an online school for entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s). I was awarded “Coach of the Year” by Mary Morrissey in 2015.


My primary focus is giving creative entrepreneurs the words to clearly explain what they offer so people want to buy. I do this through online trainings, infrequent blog posts, live events, and copywriting services (such as writing sales pages, co-writing ebooks, designing webinars, and recommending marketing strategies).

I work with people whose businesses are making a positive impact on the planet. I show them how to talk about what they’re doing in an honest, exciting way so peeps want to be a part of it.

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According to the female entrepreneurs who attend my live events, I’m a master question asker. My questions unlock clues about you & your business so you market in an authentic, wholesome way.

My services give you the courage and know-how to proudly talk about your business, on & offline, in a way that makes people want to follow, support, and buy.

In addition to copywriting, I also facilitate live, meaningful conversations amongst female entrepreneurs each month in the Jackson-Lansing area, and I am an adventurer, minimalist and yogi living in small town Michigan.

I’ve had the privilege of working with…

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Bri, a life coach

to niche her offerings AND create a valuable opt-in so she could stand out from the competition (see that here).

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Anto, a tour guide

to rewrite his promo page so he can achieve the #1 most purchased AirBnb Experience in the world (you should probably just book that here).

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Alex, a photographer

to design a package PDF for her new side hustle so she had something to send potential clients (view her work here).

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Meg, a healer

to write a sales page for her weekend retreat AND to finish her first ebook that helps people to survive being an empath (see the retreat page here).


Don, a wealth coach

to piece together the many moving parts of an online course (see the sales page I wrote here).

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Meg, an animal psychic

to write An about page that made sense of how the eff she talks to animals (check that out here).

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Thomas, a meditation teacher

to strategize a year-long sales plan for his paid Facebook group which is healing chronic illness’ (more info here).

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Andrea, a make up artist

to design an opt-in email that promoted her first ever beauty cookbook (sign up for it here).