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Hello love. I am a trained life & parent coach, a certified yoga instructor, and the founder of Wealth University, an online school for entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s. I was awarded “Coach of the Year” by Mary Morrissey in 2015.

After losing everything in 2016, I packed up a backpack and purchased a one-way ticket to Paris—a choice that showed me that unexpected circumstances can create even greater fulfillment than the big dreams I set for myself.

Through my world journeys, I discovered that teaching (and learning) how to make more money (the original purpose of Wealth University) was not the solution to the problem we’re all seeking, so I took a sabbatical from  my coaching business as well as my online school for entrepreneurs, and withdrew my strong commitment to personal development courses and coaches. Instead, I started exploring how to be happy in the present moment and remain curious about the future.

I am an adventurer, minimalist and alternative lifestyle enthusiast, and I currently live near my family in a small, farming town in Michigan.



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