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What is Wealth University?

Wealth University is an online school for entrepreneurs,showing them exactly how to start & grow a business that is financially consistent AND makes a difference in the world.

Wealth U. is a video course which guides entrepreneurs through:

Module preview for websiteA step-by-step process for designing a service/product that is sale-ready,AND how to speak about it so people want to buy (now)
A full productivity training so it’s clear what has to get done each day to reach sales & service goals (which includes Amanda’s formula for working less as your business grows,instead of more)
Marketing breakdowns that attract clients/customers no matter how big your following
Intensive sales training (which includes how to initiate conversations with potential clients/customers without being pushy or awkward,full sales conversation scripts from start to finish that show you why each step is so important,AND a follow up structure to ensure you never have to chase people down)

Tools for overcoming things like severe self-doubt,lack of motivation,or worry that it won’t work out

Tips & strategies for managing money in a new or growing business (to make peace with your financial past & eliminate the stress of feeling like there’s never enough)

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How does Wealth University work?

Wealth University is a self-study course which consists of videos,a printable booklet,and access to coaching with Amanda through a Facebook group.

Curious what exactly we cover in the course? Check out a full break down of the course here.

Check out the Wealth U. Modules here

Who should apply?

Idea-ready beginner

The entrepreneur who already has an idea for a service/product,but they’re not sure where to start. They may be working a “day-job” and they’re ready to shift out of corporate and be their own boss.

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Ambitious go-getter

The entrepreneur who has already started their business,but they want to get past the slow & steady income growth. They’re ready to bring in a consistent income that makes their family (and themselves) go,”Wow!”

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Success (but stressed)

The entrepreneur who is sustaining & growing all on their own,but they’re exhausted and want freedom,ease and grace in their business. They want to free up their time,without compromising their income.

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When asked if they would recommend Wealth University to a friend,here’s what a few students said… 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m already an established entrepreneur – how would Wealth University help me?

Perfect! Wealth University is designed to help both new AND growing businesses. Our main focus is on showing you how to consistently reach financial goals,no matter what they are (so,for some people that might be $5,000/month,and for others that might be passing a 6-figure mark).

Plus, as a giant bonus, Amanda is known for sustaining & growing a business without working a lot of hours. So,not only will Wealth U. show you how to achieve new financial levels,but you will absolutely LOVE the systems we teach that make sure you’re not struggle bussing your way to even greater success. Instead,we encourage more time off, traveling the world,or forming new hobbies that have absolutely nothing to do with business (and we’ll teach you how to incorporate these things without compromising business growth or income).

I’m already struggling financially – how do I know for sure Wealth University will work for me?

Though we are confident that Wealth University teaches you what you need to know to create financial stability in your service or product based business,we never advise that you put yourself under severe financial stress (for example,don’t put yourself in so much fear or worry that you can’t think about anything else).

Rather than saying,“If I do this,then I HAVE to make money immediately to pay my rent,” we recommend that you look at all of your options and see how you could invest in your business AND remain in a state of financial security. For some of our students,that’s using a credit card,taking out a loan,or dipping into their savings or investment account. For others,it’s keeping their second job for a just a little while longer so they know they have a paycheck coming in while they build their business. Only you can know the best route for investing in yourself and your business.

We do have students create dramatic changes in their business revenue within weeks,or even days,of investing. However,we cannot guarantee that your results with align with any other student’s. As the saying goes,“you will get out what you put in.”

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What is the investment?

Although we only share the investment price with people who are serious about changing the results in their business (and willing to make a financial investment to do so),the cost of Wealth University is comparable (and in many cases,less expensive) to paying for a typical course through a college or University.

How to apply

Wealth University is currently open for enrollment! To receive information about the course and how to apply,please submit your information below (we’ll send all the details straight to your inbox).